Putting your cost with each item will help us decide which products to purchase from you.

$ spirulina
$ zinc 30Mg’s
$ Omega-3’s fatty acids
$ A (active retinol),
$ natural Vitamin-b1 benfotiamine 300Mg (2x),
$ Thiamine
$ Vitamins b2 riboflavin
$ b-3 Niacin
$ b-6 Pyridoxine
$ B-9 folic Acid
$ B-12 Cobalamin
$ retinol
$ bile salts
$ Cod liver oil
$ lutin
$ Vit-d,
$ Magnesium
$ Alpha-lipoic acid
$ Coenzyme-Q10
$ zeaxatin
$ Vit-c 500’s 1ks
$ Acerola Cherry Powder
$ moringa oleifera
$ deactived yeast, nutritional yeast
$ chromium
$ Boron, Boric Acid
$ Hydrogen Peroxide
$ nail file
$ Baby Powder, regular
$ Hand Soap anti-bacterial
$ magnafying glass for reading
$ itraconazole 200mg x1
or else
$ Lotrimin Ultra Antifungal
or else
$ Globe Clotrimazole Antifungal Cream

Pharmacist, please send back this shopping list to: Provide a copy to the Gentleman also so he can look and decide immediately who to purchase from.

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